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How to avoid the problems that often occur with bolt balls?

If you want to prevent the problem of the bolt ball reasonably, you should pay more attention to the production and processing of the bolt ball of the spherical space frame. From the welding process to the assembly process, each stage is supervised layer by layer. Every welding must be taken care of to prevent problems during the whole process surrounding the application of the spherical space frame.

space frame bolt balls

  1. Electric welding process: this process belongs to the hidden decoration project, and it is also one of the processes that are prone to quality problems. This type of problem must be tested according to the special testing tool used by the testing organization. Generally, it is divided according to the types of defects in weld bead, unfused, vent holes, etc.
  2. Spraying process: this process is also a kind of hidden process. The harm to the structure is lower than the harm to the function of the building, and it is also a process that is more prone to quality problems.
  3. Construction lofting and blanking process: the quality of this process is also harmful to the next process, and may even cause damage to the blanking parts. This type of situation is very extensive, so quality supervision is required before blanking .
  4. Assembly process: this process occupies a very critical influence on the quality of the production and processing of prefabricated components, and its quality is more harmful to the road process. Therefore, it is critical to improve supervision before assembly.