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Use space frame structure roof to improve building texture

The space frame is the artistic representative of modern architecture, bringing new inspiration to the architectural structure of the new century. At present, the space frame structure can be seen in some large factories and high-speed railway station buildings. They can rely on the force of the steel body to complete different force requirements and achieve ideal application effects.

dome space frame roof

The space frame structure can be stretched and has a certain physical beauty. Therefore, more and more architects realize the new image of modern architecture through the design of the space frame space structure. The space space frame structure is a stable space structure with flexibility and practicality. 

The space frame structure roof enhances the artistic texture of the building, presents the diversified structure of the building, and enhances the appreciation of art. At the same time, the space frame structure has the advantages of light material and convenient installation in the process of use, and has been approved by the application unit.