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How to design and install steel space frame horse track

space frame horse track

There are two types of steel structure space frame horse tracks, one is set in the space frame, the other is set under the lower chord of the space frame. The first case is mostly, and generally, it is not necessary to choose the second, such as steel structure space frame. The frame has been completed and temporarily increased. The height of the horse track built in the space frame is affected by the web rods of the space frame, and the height is not very large. If a certain height is to be met, the thickness of the space frame must be increased!
Use the lower chord of the steel structure space frame as horizontal support, and make a U-shaped aisle on it. Both static and live loads of the horse track are added to the bottom chord ball joints, using the method of line load (for example 0.5KN/M* horse track length/how many ball joints in the horse track length.