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What are the hidden dangers of space frame steel structure buildings? How to avoid them?

space frame steel structure buildings

1. Fire.
This is a problem that all buildings have. The fire resistance of steel space frames is still there, but when the temperature is too high, the steel will also melt, where the rigidity and elasticity of the steel will drop sharply, and the bearing capacity will be gone. To avoid such problems, firstly, the hidden fire hazard in the building must be eliminated, and then the anti-corrosion and fire-proof treatment of the space frame can effectively extend the fire resistance time and allow time for fire rescue.
2. Stability.
Compared with the concrete structure, the stability of the space frame steel structure is slightly worse, but its construction time is relatively fast, and it is easier to achieve for large-span buildings than concrete. In terms of stability, as long as the design is reasonable and there is no problem with the construction, there will generally be no problems with stability.
3. Corrosion.
Because the space frame is made of metal, it also takes a long time under ultraviolet light. If the geographical environment where the space frame is constructed is more severe, the rust and corrosion will be more serious. In such a situation, the anti-corrosion work should be done at the beginning of the construction of the space frame, and after the anti-corrosion work is done in the early stage, the space frame structure must be inspected every six months, and then the anti-corrosion maintenance work should be done. This is an important way to completely avoid corrosion accidents in the space frame.