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How to ensure the safety factor after processing the space frame

How can we ensure the safety factor after the space frame is processed?  

The space frame structure is composed of a regular network space structure through the nodes that connect each component. Combine elements such as triangular pyramids and triangular prisms into a plane to form a space truss structure. This kind of space frame structure has uniform force, good overall performance, good stability and seismic resistance, can bear load, short construction period, beautiful appearance, and certain decorative effect. Space frame processing is widely used in stadiums and other similar large-scale building structures. The space frame structure has a very unique performance. By changing the stress state, various forces can be applied to make the material play more effectively, maximize the strength of the material, and reduce the waste of the material. In addition, the rod material made of the grid structure is relatively simple, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and is beneficial to the manufacture of the space frame structure. Improve production efficiency and ensure project quality. Space frame is an indispensable product in modern engineering construction. How to judge the quality of the space frame and ensure the safety factor of the space frame components during construction?


First of all, before installation, you should pay attention to the quality of the space frame. The quality of the power space frame directly affects the overall safety factor of the project. When choosing a space frame company, check the quality of the processed parts of the space frame to avoid using inferior products. This is the prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the space frame engineering. Secondly, the selection and construction of the space frame structure. There are three types of space frame structures, one is a parallel plane, one is a triangular pyramid, and the other is a square pyramid. Different structures can be applied to different projects. During the construction process, choose The proper structure is very important. Third, the design of the space frame structure, whether it is the space part, the arc part or other aspects of the overall frame, should reasonably meet the construction requirements. Due to the continuous expansion of scale, modern space frame processing projects have very strict requirements on safety factor and quality. Fourth, attention should be paid to details in the construction of grid engineering. If you ignore the details, it is easy to cause safety hazards. Therefore, during the construction process, the quality of the installation workers must be improved to ensure the quality of the project.