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Three key points for steel structure manufacturers to make steel structure workshops

At present, many large venues and large workshops have begun to use steel structure buildings, because their construction is faster, their production costs are low, and they are also more environmentally friendly. Today, steel structure manufacturers are here to tell you about the three main point if its production.

  1. Facade design

Light steel buildings mainly have the following four characteristics: scale, line, color, and change. Under normal circumstances, the color profiled steel plate makes the light steel factory buildings look light and colorful. Compared with the heavy and single traditional reinforced concrete structure, the advantages are very significant. The facade of the factory building mainly depends on the construction technology. On the premise that the basic requirements of the technology can be met, the facade should be simple and magnificent while keeping the nodes as simple and unified as possible. In the design of light steel factory buildings, jumping colors and cool colors are often used boldly, emphasizing the main entrances and exits, outer gutters, edge flooding and other places, which can express the simple atmosphere of modern factory buildings and enrich them.

  1. Anti-rust treatment

The appearance of rust will not only make the cross section of the component smaller, but also cause local rust pits on the surface of the steel component. When the component is stressed, stress concentration will occur, which will cause the structure to prematurely fail. If its surface is directly exposed to the atmosphere, it will rust. When there are corrosive media in the factory environment or the steel structure is in a humid environment for a long time, the corrosion of the steel will be more serious. Therefore, sufficient attention must be paid to the problem of anti-corrosion of components.

  1. Setting of temperature expansion joint

The temperature change will also cause the deformation of the steel, and the structure will produce stress due to the temperature change. When the plant has a large plane span, in order to avoid more temperature stress, it is necessary to set temperature expansion joints in the vertical and horizontal directions of the plant. In addition, the length of the section can also be implemented according to the corresponding specifications. The above are the three main points of steel structure. We need to pay attention to some of these points when building, so that the built building can be more beautiful and more stable.