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How to improve the quality of space frame processing

How to improve the quality of space frame processing

The space frame processing is a spatial structure formed by connecting multiple rods through nodes in a certain grid form. It has the advantages of space stress, light weight, large rigidity, and good seismic performance; it can be used as a house for buildings such as stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands, hangars, two-way large-pillar grid structures, and workshops. cover. It is welcomed by people for its high-efficiency stress performance, novel and beautiful form and quick and convenient construction.  

How to improve the processing quality of the space frame?   

The first aspect, when the steel space frame is installed, the setting of the temporary fulcrum should be taken seriously. Before installation, arrange the fulcrum and the elevation of the fulcrum. The temporary fulcrum should not only make the space frame support uniform force and the force of the rods, but also pay attention to the stability of the foundation (scaffolding) of the temporary fulcrum and prevent the fulcrum from sinking.

The second aspect is that the support of the temporary fulcrum should preferably be a jack, so that it can be adjusted gradually during the installation process. Note that the adjustment of the temporary fulcrum should not be the adjustment of a certain point, but also consider the uniform force of the surrounding space frame. Sometimes this local adjustment will deform individual rods and bend the space frame.

Thirdly, when disassembling the temporary fulcrum, it should be noted that several groups of fulcrums should be lowered synchronously. During the descent, the drop should not be too large. It should be gradually divided and stepped down proportionally, or use a step not greater than 100mm Step down method to remove the support point space frame for processing.

The fourth aspect, when installing and welding the welded ball space frame, the deformation of welding shrinkage should be considered, especially the overall hoisting and strip space frame. After installation on the ground, the welding deformation and shrinkage value should be mastered before welding. Because when the steel space frame is welded, the welding points (heating surface) are all on the upper side of the plane space frame, so it is extremely easy to deform the structure due to unidirectional heating. The general deformation law is that after the space frame is welded, the surrounding supports will gradually tilt up freely. If the deformation is large, the original planned camber will be offset. If arching is not considered, the welding will produce a large deflection value, which will affect the quality requirements for acceptance. Therefore, the deformation factor of unidirectional heating should be taken into consideration during the construction of the welded spherical space frame.

Fifth aspect, after the grid frame is installed, pay attention to the force of the support. Some supports are allowed to be welded, some should be free ends, and some support needs to be limited. The construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the design requirements. The backing plate, limit plate, etc. of the seat should be installed in the prescribed order and method.