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Installation method and applicable scope technology of space frame

Installation method and applicable scope technology of space frame

The advantages of space frame installation are: it has indoor space support, is very light, has high bending rigidity, has good seismic performance, and has a beautiful appearance. The defect is that the total number of components converging on the connection point is large, and the installation is compared with the plan structure analysis. 

Space frame installation and application areas: roof truss structure of stadiums, museums, clubs, cinemas, dining halls, large conference rooms, waiting halls, hangars, and production workshops. Space frame installation method:

1.High-altitude scattered weighing method: It is suitable for various types of indoor space frame diagram constructions that are assembled with full support frames, especially for non-electric welding connection such as screw connection and axle pin connection.

2.Splitting or layered installation method: it is suitable for frames with smaller bending stiffness and supporting conditions after splitting, such as two-direction orthogonal square cones, and forward vacuum square cones. The size of the slitting or layering should be determined according to the lifting capacity.

3.Sliding method: It is suitable for various indoor space frame map structures that can set parallel surface guide rails, especially when it is necessary to exceed the engineering construction (supporting frame is not allowed) or the place is small and the lifting is troublesome and so on.

4.Overall lifting method: suitable for large, medium and small space frame, and can be rotated at high places or rotated for lifting.

5.Overall improvement method: It is suitable for various types of space frames, and can be constructed with small machines such as board lifts and hydraulic jacks. (6) Overall hoisting method: It is suitable for the support plate space frame with less support points. (7) When selecting the installation method of hoisting or lifting, the position and total number of the hoisting points should be selected with the following factors:

1)It should be close to the supporting situation of the steel structure space frame;

2)Hoisting points The greater reaction force of the crane should not exceed the load capacity of the crane;

3) The load of each crane should be close.