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How to install membrane structure

1.Preparation and review before membraneproduction

The person in charge of the membrane processing department and the project designer, must conduct comprehensive design communication, and the person in charge of the engineering department should carefully understand the processing and production requirements.
The project manager compiles the “Technical Process of XX Project Membrane Processing” and signs it to the person in charge of project design technology.

2. Quality Control of Membrane Processing
(1) Comprehensive inspection and inspection of processing machinery and equipment.
(2) In accordance with the requirements of the “Processing Process of Membrane Materials”, do a good job of testing the heat seal strength of membrane materials and pass the QC inspection.
(3) The processing monitor conducts rigorous training and technical knowledge on the personnel involved in film processing.
(4) After receiving the technical knowledge, the material cutting staff will check the type, model, and color of the film again, and be familiar with the size of each film, accurately cut the material, and make a mark.
(5) Neatly stack the cut film materials in order.
(6) According to the stitching material, the processing staff shall check the shape-cutting drawing again before taking the stitching in sequence.
(7) During processing, strictly follow the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time specified by the film material.
(8) QC personnel perform heat-sealing quality inspection on the semi-finished and finished products after heat-sealing, and issue inspection certificates for the finished products.
(9) Number and package the processed membrane material, and deliver it to the logistics site to the project site.

  1. Membrane installation
    (1) Before the membrane material is installed, the cantilever beam of the steel structure should be temporarily supported or balanced to ensure that the steel structure is force balanced during the membrane material installation.
    (2) Before the installation of the membrane, measure and check the dimensions of the steel structure.
    (3) The membrane should not be scratched during installation, and keep the membrane tidy.
    (4) Keep a certain distance between the light or other heat source and the film, (the surface temperature of the film should not be greater than 70 ℃)
    (5) After the installation of the membrane material is completed, it should be delivered and stated with Party A. Care should be taken to ensure the service life of the membrane material. (During maintenance, sharp tools, open flames, etc. should be kept away from the membrane structure).