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How to install the purlin of a steel structure workshop?

1. After the steel frame of the steel structure workshop is hoisted in place, the purlin can be installed.

2. The purlin installation staff of the steel structure workshop are on the fixed steel frame, and pay attention to the safety and separate the center lines.

3. Fix the purlin with the beam with bolts. At this time, because the structure is still not adjusted, the bolts used to connect the purlin, the wall beam and the eave support beam do not need to be tightened to facilitate subsequent calibration.

4. After the inter-span purlins are installed, start the installation of the next purlins. At this time, pay attention to the bolt installation position consistent with the bolt installation position at the lap joint of the purlin steel bars of the previous span, and ensure that the purlin steel bars on each centerline The lap bolts have the same orientation, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures the firmness of the connection between the main structure and the secondary structure.

4. When installing bolts at the joints of all purlins and beams, the bolts should go down and all bolts do not need to be tightened.

5. After all the purlins are installed, after straightening and calibration, all the bolts of the secondary structure (purlins, diagonal braces, etc.) on the steel frame are further tightened to achieve a stable structure.

6. After the column is lifted and checked, install the tie rod support points between the columns; then carry out the diagonal support installation between the columns. During the whole process of steel column installation, horizontal supports and purlins of the flat roof are cross-installed.

7. Before the support point is installed, the flatness of the steel column shall be resolved and the re-inspection shall be carried out. After the acceptance standard is reached, the support point shall be installed and fixed to make it rigid and reduce the total length of the longitudinal precast member installation process deviation.

8. After the purlin is installed, carry out the installation of the purlin pusher and the main beam tie rod. Push strip installation can use woodworking boards, bamboo ladders, etc. as secondary practical operation service platforms to accelerate the installation rate. The push rod must be tight to make the purlin flat.