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How to paint and weld space frame steel structure in low temperature environment

We all know that the structure of the space frame steel structure is more complicated and the span is also large. The most important thing is that its painting and welding work is also quite difficult in special seasons. Here we will introduce to you how to paint and weld the space frame at low temperatures.  

space frame roof structure

The first point: painting skills

  1. We need to check the quality first, because it is under low temperature conditions, so we have to clean out the deformed components in the transportation pile.
  2. Before installation, we should remove the ice and snow on the surface of the components, and remember not to damage the coating.
  3. When we paint the components, we must clean up the rust and oil stains on the surface of the components to keep the surface of the components dry.
  4. The paint used for steel structure at low temperature cannot be water-based paint.

The second point: welding skills

  1. For welding work at low temperature, we must choose those welding personnel with welding process experience, superb skills and corresponding certificates.
  2. The welding rod used in a low temperature environment should not be exposed for more than two hours. If it exceeds two hours, it must be re-baked, and the number of baking should not exceed 3 times.
  3. Be sure to bake before soldering, so that the moisture content does not exceed 0.1%.
  4. For some cracks, re-weld and standardize the operation.