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The new development direction of space frame processing

The current development trend of space frame processing is mainly carried out in several aspects. The first aspect is the diversification of processing forms. We can see that the current processing forms have evolved from simple manual processing to the use of mechanical processing. Although the current mechanical processing cannot be done intelligently, the combination of the two also brings a better processing effect. 

Many of the current space frames have already used this kind of manual and mechanical processing mode. Relatively speaking, the processing efficiency can be effectively improved, and at the same time, there will be no shortage in quality. It is a pretty good development.

Another development trend of space frame processing lies in a technological breakthrough and innovation in processing. For example, the current bolt ball processing is a brand-new processing method in recent years. The effective and innovative way makes the processed space frame appear more solid and stable on the frame. As long as we can continue to strengthen and research in these two aspects, I believe that everyone can definitely have more achievements in the production and processing of the space frame, and as long as the quality and function of the space frame can be improved, then we can certainly be better in this aspect.