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How to reduce the temperature of steel structure

How to reduce the temperature of steel structure

Steel plant cooling is just a comprehensive title. However, for steel plant to deal with this problem, it needs the right approach. First of all, we should find the primary factors that affect the temperature rise of steel structure, and focus on the one-sided problem, then select appropriate methods to deal with relatively unnecessary elements in a targeted way so as to reach the excellent indoor environment, as well as the highest cost performance. 

Heat preservation and cooling of steel structure workshop

The thermal insulation membrane of steel structure workshop can isolate most of the solar radiation and conduction heat, and reduce the indoor greenhouse effect. Then, the temperature of the workshop is greatly reduced to improve the environment of the steel structure workshop. Now the commonly used method has the following two choices: for steel structure factory building roofing heat preservation cotton, general roof insulation on the use of cotton is glass wool, commonly used thickness of 50 mm and 75 mm, 100 mm, the density of 10 kg/m, good equipment generally can make indoor temperature drop 5-8 ℃, the construction process is messy in regards to heat preservation for old plant transformation, demand to withdraw the original roof, Shanghai silk screen, in the wire online laid glass wool, steel structure of the original roof panel on the cover, and then does waterproof processing.

The roof panels are sprayed with highly efficient thermal insulation reflective coatings. This kind of product heat insulation, heat preservation function is very good, steel structure can be in metal, concrete, gray wall, wood structure surface, asbestos shingle, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, rubber and other various surfaces coated. The coating is 0.25mm thick, and its effect is equivalent to that of 10cm-15cm glass wool. It can reflect 99.5% infrared ray and 92.5% visible light, and the highest sound insulation effect is 68%, and the uniform sound insulation effect of steel structure workshop is more than 50%. A level fire, completely nonflammable. Non-toxic safety, long-acting durable, use life of more than 15 years (specific introduction can refer to the engineering material file). If this method is used, construction is convenient, no damage to the original roof, and can prevent the aging of the roof.

The maximum temperature difference between the plate surface after construction and before construction can be up to 20℃, the indoor temperature difference can be up to 8-10℃, and the energy consumption of steel structure workshop can be reduced by 30-70%.

Steel structure workshop ventilation cooling

Because some of the machinery in the steel structure workshop emit heat and steam, this heat and steam, assuming that they’re not discharged in time, will be accumulated in the workshop, and then the steel structure temperature will affect the environment of the steel structure. The way to deal with these problems is to ensure fair and proper ventilation system of equipment. Fair exhaust system equipment can obviously improve the air environment of steel structure workshop, and greatly reduce the temperature of steel structure workshop as well. No power ventilation device is based on the principle of air convection air ventilation equipment. when the air environment within and outside the chamber is different, it will attack the air activity, and then clean the indoor exhaust gas and heat. Its advantage is that it does not require additional electricity and is more environmentally friendly. However, it has strong dependence on the environment and cannot be forced to exhaust the air. The main products are turbine ventilators, strip ventilators (light belt ventilators), roof ventilators and so on. The power fan is a kind of ventilation equipment driven by the electric power. Its exhaust effect is good, and can provide ventilation of any environment.

Steel structure workshop forced cooling

Forced cooling refers to the cooling machine installed on the roof of the workshop. Cooling machine is a machine that uses the principle of water cooling, to cool the air and delivers the cool air to the room by a strong exhaust fan. It can keep the indoor temperature of steel structure workshop at 26-30℃, quiet temperature. It consumes 1/8 of the power of the air conditioner.

The cost is 1/2 of the air conditioning, which is a good way to force the plant to cool.