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Large bolted ball space frame structure building

Bolted ball space frame in China’s industrial factory house cover has been widely used, its building covers an area of more than 3 million square metres, which is the leading in the world. Among them, the typical representatives are the well-known Capital Stadium, the plane size of 99m×112.2m, for China’s rectangular plane roof in the largest span of the space frame; Shanghai Stadium, the plane is circular, 110m in diameter, eaves 7.5m, is currently China’s largest span of the bolted ball space frame structure;

The four-place hangar of the Capital Airport, with plan dimension (153 + 153)m×90m; the Taikoo Hangar of Xiamen Airport, with plan dimension (155 + 157)m×70m, is the largest monolithic space-framed structure covering the largest building area in China and the largest hangar in the world at present, as well as the hangars of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport (with plan dimension of 87m×140m), Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (with plan dimension of 95m×l50m), etc., show that the large-span space frame structure is adopted in the hangars of large airports in China. And the largest span in the industrial plant space frame is 60m for the new plant of Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard.

In order to increase the structural rigidity, reduce the peak internal force, small material, easy to produce, transport and installation, China in the late 80’s began to use three-layer space frame, the first three-layer space frame is the Changsha Huanghua Airport hangar roof size of 48m × 64m, the space frame height of 5m, the opening side of the four-layer space frame, 7.5m high. the previously mentioned capital airport hangar, the use of diagonally placed quadrangular cone welded ball nodes of the three layer space frame, two pieces of space frame of the actual plane size of 84m × 150m, space frame 6m, is also China’s largest span of three-layer space frame.