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Matters needing attention in the construction of space frame structure

In the process of the construction of the space frame, the staff should not only strictly comply with the construction specifications, but also comply with the matters needing attention of the staff. Because the construction of the space frame structure is basically working at the height, which requires the construction personnel to pay more attention , therefore, the list of several matters needing attention in the construction process.

Avoid construction on rainy days as far as possible. If you cannot avoid it, take reliable anti-skid measures (such as wearing anti-skid shoes and anti-skid gloves, etc.) and pay attention to anti-lightning during the thunderstorm season. Adequate fire fighting equipment and fire fighting facilities should be provided at the construction site.

The tools and spare parts used by the construction staff in the aerial work should be put into the tool bag, and should not be thrown up or down randomly.

Workers working at height should wear safety helmet and tool bag, and take leakage protection measures for electric equipment to prevent electric shock.when using mobile operating platform ,do sure to install firmly and set non-slip card.

In recent years, the space frame structure is very common in the construction industry. It can be seen in many large-span factories, the roof of high-speed railway station and stadium construction.The space frame structure has prominent advantages, such as high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation capacity, strong adaptability, and more importantly, short construction period.