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Membrane structure

Membrane structure engineering is a new architectural landscape system, its characteristics mainly depend on its unique form and the performance of membrane itself.Because of this, membrane structure can be used to create a design that traditional architecture cannot achieve.

Membrane structure project can provide a variety of uses, and integrated with the garden landscape, create a happy space for people to enjoy, fully demonstrate the artistic beauty of the clear stress of structural components, it skillfully integrates the surrounding environment, giving people a sense of nobility, elegance, romance and warmth.In addition, due to the unique color rendering property of membrane material itself, it can form a gorgeous and colorful landscape under the mapping of night lights.Not only provide people with space for shading and rain shelter, at the same time, more because of this lively modeling can bring people fashion, relaxed leisure experience, so it is widely popular.

All kinds of semi-closed and fully closed Spaces are built by using the lightness and unique shape of membrane structure to form all-weather architectural space, provide weatherproof, sun-proof and other artificial environment, and have better artistic aesthetic effect, so it is the best choice of landscape design scheme.

With the deepening understanding of architectural space concept and the continuous improvement of scientific means, “returning to nature” and “bathing the warmth of nature” has been the trend of modern landscape engineering, which will certainly play an important role in promoting people’s harmonious coexistence with nature.

The membrane structure generally adopts the pre-stressed cable system, and uses the tension of the side lock and the shape of the membrane material to form the model, so as to minimize the visual impact of the structure on the membrane material. The membrane material often use color film to reflect the romantic feelings of the membrane structure.