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Reinforcement method of space frame structure

Space frame structure has excellent stress performance and many advantages, but in the actual engineering application, the phenomenon of rod or overall damage of space frame structure is still relatively common, if not reinforced treatment will directly affect the construction site personnel and construction safety. Traditional steel reinforcement methods have achieved good results in the actual engineering application. In recent years, due to the development of technology, a variety of new reinforcement methods have emerged.

(1) Paste FRP reinforcement method. The FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) material reinforcement method is shown in Fig. 1. After pasting FRP on the surface of the rod, it can give full play to its tensile properties and substantially improve the strength of the rod by using the high strength property of CFRP, and it can also play the role of corrosion prevention. This method is simple to use, low cost, and has achieved good results in the application of reinforcement of existing structures. Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of FRP reinforcement method

Schematic diagram of FRP reinforcement method

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of FRP reinforcement method

(2) Adhesive steel reinforcement method. The steel bonding reinforcement method adopts the steel adhesive to paste the thin steel plate on the surface of the rod to realize the reinforcement of the structure. It is fast and simple, and almost does not change the shape of the structure significantly. It is widely used in the reinforcement projects of highway Bridges. However, this method requires higher strength grade of structural adhesive and higher requirements for the construction technology of paste.

(3) Casing reinforcement method. The casing reinforcement method is schematically shown in Figure 2, where the angle or channel steel is selected and welded on the outside of the bar to be reinforced, which allows the whole structure to share the external load and achieve the purpose of stabilizing the whole structure. Among them, the channel steel has a smaller weld length compared with the angle steel, which can reduce the welding stress.

Schematic diagram of casing reinforcement method

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of casing reinforcement method


4)Prestressing reinforcement method. The prestressing reinforcement method has been widely used in the structural design and the development of structural reinforcement plan of the space frame, through which the optimized plan of the modified reinforced space frame can be obtained. Using this method, a set of pre-stressed structural system can be constructed based on the simulation of the existing net frame structure, and the internal force and stress of the net frame rod can be adjusted by using pre-stressed steel strands to ensure that the new load on the net frame is always within a reliable range.