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Strategies for the development of modern light steel structure buildings

The current light steel structure system has been widely used, and has accumulated more successful experience in design and construction, with a broad development prospect. However, there are some shortcomings in the development of light steel structure buildings, and the overall technical problems still need to be solved. For example, in the application of portal steel frame steel structure system, there are also three aspects that need to be focused on, one is the impact on the bearing performance of the members, whether they can be affected by the welding connection form, the second is the bearing performance of the end plate connection nodes, and the third is the main points of the portal steel frame steel structure system applied in large space buildings and large span buildings. Another example is the application of multi-storey building steel structure system, which requires scientific selection of an effective load-bearing structural system, and also the need to master the performance of supports and shear walls. In addition, in the multi-storey light steel structure, the application of hot-rolled H-beams should also be promoted, and accordingly need to do a good job in the insulation of the building structure, fire prevention, equipment installation and these aspects of work.

In order to promote the scientific development of modern light steel construction, three areas of work should be the focus of subsequent efforts.

First, do a good job of industrial layout, to ensure that the steel market supply is adequate, and prices should be controlled within the scientific range, in the control of the amount of steel used in light steel structures, should strive to control the 20 ~ 50kg/m2 . The current layout of the light steel industry is limited to the southeast coastal areas, southwest, northwest, north and northeast of the industrial layout is clearly insufficient to form a competitive market and larger enterprises, marketing competition and large-scale enterprises cannot be formed, so it is necessary to create a better market environment and promote the development of light steel structure buildings on the basis of scientific layout.

Secondly, theoretical research should also be worked hard, especially to pay attention to the research of design theory, should no longer be bound by the traditional steel structure design ideas, but should continue to innovate, innovative application of light steel structure research results, improve the level and science of modern light steel structure buildings. If light steel structures are used in public construction, priority can be given to the use of steel pipe structures, exposed curved members and honeycomb beams. Insulated glass envelope structures are energy-saving and environmentally friendly and are worth promoting and applying.

Thirdly, under the concept of green environment protection, new materials should be further applied and attention should be paid to the treatment of building structures. Taking the load-bearing members of light steel structures as an example, more thin steel plates are used, which have good fire and corrosion resistance, and the subsequent research on corrosion protection of steel structures should be emphasized. The reason for attaching importance to the study of corrosion protection of steel structures is that the current steel structure requires the use of antirust paint for corrosion protection, but after a certain period of time a second coat of paint is required, and some non-exposed parts are often difficult to complete the task of painting. In addition to this, it should be clearly realised that in order to effectively ensure the quality of light steel construction projects, the design of light steel structures should be scientifically reduced, while the work of fabrication and installation links should also be appropriately reduced. In the design of light steel structures, the design department should actively communicate with relevant departments and do a good job of information exchange, technical coordination and process cooperation, so as to ensure the quality of light steel structure design. At present, the design right of light steel structure has been gradually devolved to the design unit with special design qualification of light steel structure, often this design unit can become a general contracting company, to achieve the integrated management of light steel structure building project, all kinds of resources and conditions can be reasonably deployed, which is very beneficial to ensure and improve the quality of light steel structure building construction, can create good economic and social benefits, Social benefits.

The steel frame steel structure system and multi-storey building steel structure system currently used have good application advantages, especially the design of portal frame light house steel structure has achieved better results, which is beneficial to the promotion and application of portal frame steel structure system and is worth promoting and applying.