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Selection of space frame support

With the development of the economy, the construction of large-scale space frame structures, especially the large-scale and complicated reticulated shell structure, It makes the requirements for rod shrinkage caused by temperature, wind stability of the structure, and vibration reduction and isolation performance during earthquakes more stringent. Generally, the design chooses to release the internal stress of the structural joints or to design the stiffness of the structural joints to solve the above problems. This makes more and more supports used in structural design to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, and the rotation and displacement of the supports improve the stress condition of the nodes. The following is a brief description of the selection of space frame support products based on the design principle and current use of the support. 

space frame support

At present, most of the space frame support products are made of steel. The support contains stainless steel plates and polytetrafluoroethylene plates to realize the displacement of the support. A spherical crown liner is installed to realize the rotation of the support by the rotation of the spherical surface. The sliding surface of stainless steel plate and polytetrafluoroethylene plate has been applied maturely, and the service life can reach the same life as the building. Since the main steel parts of the support are currently cast steel products, they are selected based on the same principle as the structural steel material, while taking into account the weldability of the material.