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light steel space frame

Space frames are common in modern buildings, and can even be said to be a trend. Most of the buildings now choose to build certain space frames, which not only saves costs, but also adds a certain metal element to the shape of the building. 

light steel space frame


Among the space frame products, a brand-new “light steel space frame” is attracting everyone’s attention. The characteristics of this kind of space frame are also obvious in the name. It is a kind of space frame product that uses light steel as raw material, and its characteristic is lightness. Compared with traditional space frame products, it weighs more. It is about one-third to one-half lighter, and the effect is quite obvious, especially for some large-scale space frame projects.   

At present, this kind of light steel space frame has been applied in many use occasions. Such as coal storage shed, stadium, gas station, workshop and other large span roof structure.  Its lightness makes it have good advantages whether it is in production or installation. At the same time, its convenience also makes it have a lot of advantages and market.