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Space frame bolt ball entry requirements

The space frame bolt ball is a finished component. After entering the field, it must be stored in a clean and tidy place, and there must be baffles around it to prevent rolling and rolling off. If the site conditions permit, the steel stamp number of each ball shall be re-marked with eye-catching colors so that the ball can be found as soon as possible during construction. It is not allowed to store the ball in a muddy or flooded environment. It must be covered with a tarp on rainy days and before get off work to prevent the hole from being damp and rusty, which will affect the tightness of the high-strength bolts. According to previous construction experience, if the bolt holes of the old bolts are rusted or impurities enter, it will have a great impact on the installation of the space frame, so the requirements for the entrance of the space frame bolts must be remembered!