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Spherical space frame structure inspection scheme

Spherical space frame structure inspection scheme

The space frame structure belongs to buildings, so safety is very important. After the space frame construction is completed, the structure must be tested to ensure the safety of the space frame construction. Today, Xuzhou Jialian Construction space frame Structure Company will tell you about the inspection plan of spherical space frame structure.


The specific testing items of the spherical space frame mainly have the following aspects:

1.The first is to inspect the raw materials, check the material’s factory certificate, test report, etc., or sample for re-inspection.

2.When inspecting welds, sampling is mostly used for ultrasonic flaw detection. If unqualified, double sampling is required.

3.Tension and compression bearing capacity testing is similar to welding seam testing. Three samples will be taken from each batch for tension and pressure testing. If there are unqualified conditions, double sampling and testing are required, and all of them are qualified.

4.The surface of the welding ball needs to use an arc sleeve mold, a steel ruler visual inspection, and a random inspection of 5% according to various specifications and nodes, and no less than 5 pieces of each type are required.

5.The inspection of finished ball wall thickness is similar to that of welded ball surface, but the method used is an ultrasonic thickness gauge, and the extraction method is the same.