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Advantages of light steel space frame application

Advantages of light steel space frame application

Because of its wide use and obvious advantages, light steel grids have been widely used in single-story industrial plants, multi-storey industrial plants, office buildings and non-load-bearing components in high-rise buildings. It is currently a widely used profile. Let us understand its application advantages in detail.

Advantages of light steel grid application

The first point is that the light-weight steel space frame has good seismic resistance. Due to its light weight and good flexibility, the grid can reduce the impact of earthquakes. Generally, in areas where earthquakes occur, light steel grids are used in many places, and they are materials that contribute a lot. 

Second, the light steel space frame is easy to operate, and the construction period is very short. Generally, when a small factory or temporary housing is established, the construction can be completed in a short time, which is relatively large in construction One kind.

Third, the light steel space frame has a low cost and low cost, which is far lower than that of reinforced concrete structures, and its application value is far greater than that of reinforced concrete structures.

Fourth, it is easy to disassemble and can be reused. It is a relatively environmentally friendly building profile. For relocation caused by sudden changes, the light steel space frame can be well demolished.