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Steel roof truss sealing of Anqing West Station of Anjiu High Speed Railway

High Speed Railway Steel Truss Roof

With the upgrading of the second area of the station building of Anqing West Station, the steel roof truss was successfully upgraded, marking the topping of the main structure of Anqing West Station. The roof steel truss to be upgraded this time weighs 497 tons, and the area of the truss is 4065 square meters.

During steel truss construction, all components are numbered through BIM modeling, which greatly reduces assembly time and improves assembly accuracy; symmetrical welding with full penetration first-level welds is used to reduce welding deformation and ensure accurate butt joints of the rod frame; strict implementation in the process Weld flaw detection, improve the previous first and second level welds to pass the inspection, ensuring the welding quality and precision control of the steel structure.

Anqing West Railway Station is located in Chaling Town, Huaining County, Anqing City, about 30 kilometers away from Anqing City, with a total construction area of 39976 square meters. Anqing West Station adopts the design concept of “China’s Ark in Wanjiang Tide”, and the architectural shape is integrated. The middle of the station building runs through the facade with a stretched curve, showing the momentum of the Yangtze River surge and rushing, and the station building has a simple and powerful arc. It outlines the overall image and abstracts, the outline of the modern giant ship, echoing the design concept of China’s Ark, and the decoration of the station building emphasizes cultural and artistic expression.