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Dry coal shed space frame structure

Dry coal shed

Due to the special requirements of coal storage in thermal power plants, the space frame structure is almost the only option for dry coal sheds. Its outstanding features are its large span and high headroom, satisfying storage and working space, and majestic atmosphere without losing its beauty. The dry coal shed space frame structure has many forms. The main body is generally composed of an arched or spherical shell space frame. According to the economic benefits in recent years, the cylindrical reticulated shell has obvious advantages. The dry coal shed space frame structure has the following characteristics:

  1. Large span (50 meters to 120 meters) and large space
  2. The degree of factorization is high, 80% of the workload is factorized, which is in line with the characteristics of national prefabricated buildings
  3. Fast installation and short construction period
  4. High-cost performance
  5. Good wind and snow resistance, earthquake resistance, high rigidity, and high structural safety

LF space frame has several dry coal shed space frame structure construction experience, specifically for the dry coal shed space frame structure engineering configuration services are as follows: the engineering plan and design are reviewed by multiple senior experts in the structure team, can participate in the preliminary plan planning, component products It is processed by the requirements of the national standard, the distribution process has double protection, and the construction process is carried by 5 major systems.  

The dry coal shed has a variety of space frame structures. The main body is composed of an arched space frame. The length and width are determined by the installed capacity inside, and the width is determined by the operating requirements of the coal bucket wheel. In its development history, the main structural forms used are plane space frame, plane truss, plane arch, and cylindrical reticulated shell structure. According to the economic benefits in recent years, cylindrical reticulated shells have obvious advantages.

With the development of electric power, dry coal sheds have been extensively constructed and studied. Due to environmental protection requirements and strict control of construction land, the coal bulk method must be replaced by closed storage methods, which meets the trend of energy-saving and environmental protection. The construction of dry coal sheds has been booming in China in recent years.