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Steel structure dome coal bunker design for thermal power plant


The earliest steel structure dome coal bunker that appeared in mainland China was the Houshi Power Plant in Zhangzhou, Fujian, which was put into operation in November 1999. The diameter of the dome coal storage bunker of the plant is 126.8m, (with an area of 126201m²). The coal storage capacity of dome coal storage exceeds 150,000 tons. It is understood that a typhoon damaged the roof. At present, Guangdong Shanwei Power Plant and Guangdong Huilai Power Plant have been completed and put into use as dome coal bunker power plants, and Heyuan Power Plant is still under construction.

The closed steel structure dome coal storage bunker is adopted, and all the coal stored is dry coal storage shed. Its main advantages are good sealing, a 100% recovery rate without waste, and little environmental pollution. For coastal windy and rainy areas, it can reduce the flying of coal powder and the impact of sewage on the surrounding environment, and the appearance is beautiful and environmentally friendly. The area of the circular coal storage bunker is also smaller than that of the ordinary coal yard. The estimated coal storage volume per unit area can reach 12~14t/m2 (related to the height of the coal retaining wall), while the coal storage volume per unit area of the ordinary coal yard is 6 ~7t/m² (according to 7m stacking height), the total land area of the ordinary coal yard is 30%~40% higher than that of the circular coal storage bunker. The grid is asymmetrical, the typhoon resistance is poor, the cost of construction and equipment will be higher than that of ordinary coal yards, and the power consumption of the plant will be slightly higher.

The equipment, civil works, and supporting facilities of the fully enclosed steel structure dome coal yard are expensive. Taking Huilai Power Plant as an example, the soil construction price of each circular coal bunker is about 66 million yuan (the construction price of each circular coal bunker in Huilai is about 39.85 million yuan, and the equipment is 26 million yuan). If the construction foundation is poor, the civil construction investment of the circular coal bunker may be higher. It is understood that the investment in the two closed coal storage bunkers of Zhejiang Ninghai Power Plant is more than 160 million yuan. The advantages of the open pit coal yard are that the investment is low, and the operating cost of stacking coal is low. The disadvantage is that it pollutes the surrounding environment more seriously, and affects the landscape of the plant area, the bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer are arranged in the open air, and have low resistance to severe weather.