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The characteristics of the space frame structure

The space frame structure has the following characteristics: light in weight, low in cost, reasonable in force, its form is very novel and lively, and the spatial structure can make full use of a variety of material properties, to meet the needs of different changes in building modeling.

For the characteristics of the space frame structure, its biggest advantage is that it can meet the structural needs and architectural design in super-large space span buildings, and its cost is far lower than other structure types under the condition of the same space span. Its advantage is particularly prominent in the long-span and middle-span roof structures. In this case, if the use of a steel roof frame or gantry frame is not more reasonable and more economic.

The biggest advantage is that there is mutual support between the members of the space frame structure, the overall performance is good, the stiffness is strong, the seismic ability is strong, and can withstand the impact of the uneven settlement of the foundation. Even in the case of an individual rod is damaged, it can automatically adjust the internal force of each rod, so as to ensure the safety of the structure.

As the space frame structure is not only suitable for buildings with the small span, but also for buildings with large span, its adaptability is very large. The planar architectural form system can also be suitable for buildings with various planar forms, such as circular, fan-shaped, rectangular and polygonal planar architectural systems.

In addition, because the bar specification of the space frame structure is uniform, it is suitable for factory processing production. In order to speed up the progress of the project, the space frame structure can be deeply analyzed with the most commonly used calculation program. Its drawing is very simple, coupled with its own advantages and characteristics, which provides a very favorable way for the rapid progress of the space frame structure.

In addition, because the space work and force transmission way is very simple; The space frame has light weight, good seismic performance, and large stiffness performance. Installation and construction are very simple; space frame nodes and rods are easy to be commercialized and standardized and can be produced in batches in factory processing, which is very beneficial to the improvement of production efficiency. In addition to the flat roof, the layout of the space frame structure is very flexible, which is very beneficial to the installation of equipment and pipelines, and ceiling; The shape of the space frame structure is beautiful, light and generous, which is very convenient in the decoration and treatment of the building.