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Technical and Economic Analysis of Light Steel Structure and Space Frame Structure ( Part 2 )

2、Technical Comparison

(1)Under the condition that the planning height and plane size are determined, the light steel structure can provide a greater use of space.

(2)There are fewer columns in the space frame structure, and the column spacing can be adjusted according to the requirements of the process layout, while there are more columns in the light steel structure, but the columns of the light steel structure are smaller, and the area occupied by the unit volume is smaller than that of the columns under the space frame structure . The space is much smaller. Therefore , in actual use , both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

(3)Under the condition that the internal space satisfies the production process , the light steel structure can provide a lower cornice elevation than the space frame structure , thereby saving a considerable part of the envelope structure investment.

(4)Both of the roof insulation can adopt one of the following methods

1) A glass fiber felt or mineral wool felt coil with an aluminum foil moisture-proof layer is installed at the bottom of the profiled steel plate . If the moisture-proof layer is not reinforced with fibers , a material with tensile strength such as steel mesh or glass fiber fabric should be installed at the bottom. To support the self-weight of the insulation material.

2) Metal composite sandwich panel.

3) Fill the insulation material in the middle of the double laminated steel plate.

(5) In terms of anti-corrosion maintenance , due to the complex bar system of the space frame structure , for the anti-corrosion maintenance work of the space frame structure , the maintenance project is large and the cost is high ; for the light steel structure , due to its simple structure , many It is a plate structure , and the light steel structure has a good anti-corrosion structure , so it is much smaller than the space frame structure in terms of anti-corrosion maintenance costs.

(6) In terms of fire protection requirements for the light steel structure and the space frame structure, the amount of fire retardant paint applied to the two is roughly the same under the same building area , and the fire resistance limit can reach 1.5h. If it exceeds 1.5h , the steel structure will soften, and both may lead to overall collapse.

(7) Due to technological needs , the structure of the plant will also change accordingly. Compared with the two , the structural adjustment of the light steel structure is more flexible and random than the space frame structure.

3、Cost Analysis

An industrial factory building is 102m long, 72m wide, and 9m high. The design suspension load is 500N and 1000N per square meter . The calculated and analyzed results are shown in Table 1.


light steel structure

  space frame structure  
Suspension load/N 500 1000 500 1000
Length×Width/(m×m) 102×72 102×72 102×72 102×72
Eaves height/m 9 9 9 9
structure type Portal steel frame Portal steel frame Bolt ball nodes are placed square pyramid space frame Bolt ball nodes are placed square pyramid space frame
span/m 3×2 4+ 1×30 3×2 4+ 1×30 72 (single span) 72 (single span)
Unit price/(yuan/m 2 ) 462.4 523.86 513.65 583.85

Table 1 Comparison of economic performance between light steel structure and space frame structure

4、Image description The architectural models under the two structural forms are shown as follows

4.1 The space frame structure factory building enters the workshop, and the equipment is placed in partitions. Above the equipment are various air-conditioning ducts, cable bridges, fire pipe networks and other pipes arranged according to the process requirements. suspension. Due to the many and dense pipelines , although the layout is relatively orderly and regular , the space frame structure itself has many rods and a complex structure , so the overall effect looks chaotic and disorderly.

4.2 The light-steel structure workshop is inside the workshop, the main air-conditioning ducts run side by side on both sides of the H-shaped steel columns , and the cable bridges and air-conditioning main air ducts are arranged in layers. The hanging ribs extending from the beams or purlins suspend some irregular pipes that follow the equipment in the air, some of which may affect the visual focus due to crossing , and other parts have a wide view. The pipelines are neat and regular , the lighting is clear and bright , and the overall structure looks simple and natural beautiful. The whole space is naturally open , except for a few parts where the pipelines are dense.


By comparing the performance, materials, force, cost and other aspects of the two structural forms , it can be seen that the two structural forms have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of different applicability. In fact, no matter which structural form is adopted , it should meet the technical indicators of the process , that is, functionality is the main factor. Generally speaking , light steel structure has more advantages in price and aesthetics . At the same time , the rapid construction cycle, adaptability to different needs, and relatively low price are the reasons for its rapid promotion . I believe that the future development will be faster . The space frame structure also has its specific market demand , and it will not withdraw from the market in a short time. It is estimated that it will gradually merge with the light steel structure in the future development to form a new, more reasonable and safer new type structure type.