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The characteristics of space frame structure

With the current and rapid social and economic development, many large office buildings, and stadiums will be used in the construction process of space frame structure, especially in many forms of space structure, space frame structure (space frame construction) as it is currently the fastest growing structural form . The space frame is relatively light in weight, relatively strong in plasticity, and is mainly a spatial rod structure formed by point connections. So, what are the characteristics of the general space frame structure?

You will find that the characteristics of the space frame structure are more obvious. Its product specifications are numerous. Although there are as many as ten or twenty types, each of them is very regular and has a wide range of applications. The layout is extremely easy to master, which greatly facilitates the designer. Moreover, the installation method of the space frame is relatively simple, and the space within the height of the space frame can be used to set up facilities such as pipes, which greatly saves space. At the same time, the space frame structures can also adapt to various supporting conditions and various building plane shapes, and can be designed according to the entire industrial demand, especially in the process of designing public buildings and industrial plants.