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The space frame is a good structural

The space frame is a very good structural product. It is often found in many housing, food, and transportation engineering buildings. Nowadays, the space frames are covers everywhere, including all the ground. The most common is the gas station space frame. Why is the space frame a very good structural product?

The processing of the space frame is simple and easy: only the parts and anchor bolts, the sealing plate/cone head, and the components must be welded together; then the finished anchor bolt ball is produced according to the production and processing drawings of the anchor bolt ball, and Spray packaging only.

The space frame installation is very easy: put the sleeve specification jack wire on the anchor bolt on the spot, and carry out the on-site product installation according to the engineering drawings. Space frame are widely used: generally speaking, gas stations, university wind and rain playgrounds, stadiums, and a series of engineering buildings. There are also many very good examples of space frames. That is to say why the space frame is a good product.