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The sliding units in the exhibition hall are precisely positioned

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The roof span of the exhibition hall of the Guangzhou Fair Pavilion extension project is 119.5 meters. It is the first large-span roof in China that adopts the sliding construction of prestressed inverted triangle pipe truss. The roof adopts “hydraulic synchronous slip construction technology”, with a hydraulic tractor as the driving equipment, the 119.5-meter span roof steel structure is pushed forward at the speed of 2-10 meters per hour, realizing synchronous slip and precise positioning of steel trusses. It set the record for the longest and furthest slip of the large-span prestressed inverted triangle pipe truss structure in China.

This project is the first in China to adopt a needle roller slipper for sliding construction. Four 60-ton oil cylinders are used to push the 1560-ton slippage unit forward for nearly 400 meters. Faced with the problem of a narrow site and interpenetration of procedures, the project team innovated the installation process and set a rotating tire rack operation platform at an altitude of 26 meters to “create” a high-altitude working surface for steel structure assembly and realize the rapid assembly of sliding units on the high-altitude platform.