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The space frame has changed the traditional architectural style

The space frame has changed the traditional architectural style

Steel has good performance advantages in use; it is a modern new type of building material. It has achieved a style change in product application, and has changed the traditional concrete building and space-framed building. It is a representative of green buildings and has more advantages. The long time period and greater product utilization efficiency achieve the maximum efficiency of the building itself. 

At present, the excellent space frame buildings have gradually come into everyone’s sight, satisfying the maximum utilization effect. At the same time, the design and construction of the buildings have been completed under different land use environments, providing an environmentally friendly space for people’s lives and offices, and it It is possible to combine the three-dimensional spatial structure with the architectural beauty, so as to reflect different architectural styles, and to meet the current needs for sustainable development in buildings.


At present, the space frame construction can have good compression resistance, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, and its own light weight. In the application, it can maintain long-term use without product deformation, and the entire project cycle is short, can save a lot of manpower, will not produce building material waste during construction, and stay away from the impact on the surrounding environment. Space frame buildings or factories will gradually become popular, and they will be recognized by everyone while satisfying the advantages of various performances.