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The steel structure supplemented by the late defects of traditional thermal insulation and waterproof materials

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As the first choice for large-scale public buildings, steel structure buildings are well known for their advantages. However, the problems derived from the later use of the product have indeed brought a lot of problems to our lives, and the first one is the waterproof and thermal insulation of the steel frame roof.

1. Poor roof insulation: The high-strength live load of the roof was not considered in the design and construction of the flat steel frame of the Tianjiabing Gymnasium

Therefore, only spraying foamed polyurethane on the grid of 3m*3m as the main thermal insulation material during construction does not solve the aging well in terms of thickness or contact with the natural environment. and other problems, which also directly led to the continuous maintenance in the later period.

2. There are many limitations of waterproof measures: first of all, the original roof SBS waterproof measures have occupied a large part of the roof

the load capacity, and the traditional materials can not fundamentally solve the problem of water leakage by laying the traditional materials again, in a 5-year maintenance cycle

Look, it’s very likely to be reworked. Traditional materials cannot adapt to the dual requirements of the environment and the steel structure itself.

Uninterrupted phenomena also occur.

3. The cost of maintenance and construction is too high: the production and manufacture of flat steel frames have extremely strict regulations and inspection procedures, but

It is due to the change of some building structural engineers, the loss of information of space frame or roof panel manufacturers, or the incompleteness of building materials.

(Because the construction completion cycle is often longer than the design unit’s personnel change cycle), the load will be recalculated in the later repair process.

Loading, re-surveying the site, etc. increase the cost of building maintenance. This has caused great obstacles to saving investment and engineering construction. In many cases, we have to choose a plan with a high cost and a long cycle without involving such information.

4. The construction of traditional waterproof and thermal insulation cannot meet the additional requirements of the project: building construction, especially when it comes to the construction of colleges and universities.

Construction, not only to make the construction meet the requirements of the school’s use but also to meet the normal teaching and life.

In terms of thermal insulation and waterproof construction, the cycle should be shortened as much as possible to ensure environmental protection, low energy consumption,

The visual effect meets the requirements of various indicators such as unity with the surrounding environment.