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The super machining center made of space frame is ready to come out

All the major countries in the world are making their own Industry 4.0 plans, but what is our space frame industry doing?

The current status of the entire space frame processing is at best the Industry 2.0 era, and some are even the most primitive Industry 1.0 era. The processing unit pursues small and comprehensive. High energy consumption, high pollution, low output, relying on manual manufacturing, etc. are collective portraits of space frame processing units.


The result is: 1. Product quality is not easy to guarantee; 2. High pollution; 3. High cost of space frame processing parts 4. Competition is fierce, and it has reached the point of dead profit.


Almost 100 years ago, Ford Company streamlined the assembly line of a very complex and numerous car assembly. 100 years later, the space frame processing of just a few processes is still using the most primitive manpower operation. The reason is that too many small space frame processing companies compete viciously and seize the market of space frame companies that have system service capabilities. In addition, the owners have over-enlarged the importance of space frame processing, and at the same time they are unwilling to fill orders for the front end of engineering services.

LF-BJMB Space frame believes that: a super machining center for space frame processing will appear in China, and its products will be of stable quality and low cost. Other space frame units will purchase from the processing center, and the space frame company will consult and plan, Design, and carry out optimization, and after-sales service to provide owners with high-quality services. The LF-BJMB space frame with a research and development team and a full service system will show its glory!