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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Steel Structure Housing?

The advantages and disadvantages of steel frame homes are listed below:


1. Low overall cost: A stable supply of steel results in low price fluctuations, and the material is pre-cut to the required length, reducing wastage. In addition, steel trimmings can be sold, further reducing costs.

2. Environmentally friendly: the main material of steel structure houses is 100% steel, and screws and nails are used for connecting parts, eliminating the need for welding and adhesives and reducing environmental pollution during the construction process.

3. Quick construction: the steel structure is produced industrially, with a short installation period and easy construction. For a 2,000-square-meter building, it only takes 10 workers 30 working days to complete the main structure.

4. High strength and light deadweight: steel structure houses are characterized by high strength and light deadweight, which can resist larger seismic force and wind force while reducing the burden of the foundation.

5. Good anti-seismic performance: steel structure houses use a stable “plate rib structure system”, which has strong anti-seismic performance and can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 or above.

6. Durable and long service life: steel structure houses are assembled with cold-formed thin-walled steel components, which can prevent steel plates from rusting and prolong the service life of the building, which can even reach more than 50 years.

7. Large span and space-saving: steel structure residence is suitable for large span structures, which can avoid the use of columns, save space, and make the building more beautiful and generous.

8. Good heat preservation and low noise: steel structure residents adopt sandwich panels for heat preservation, which have high thermal resistance value and good heat insulation effect. At the same time, the sound insulation effect of steel structure residences is also very good, which can reduce the spread of noise.

9. High efficiency and energy saving, high comfort: The steel structure residence applies a high efficiency and energy saving system with environmental protection performance, and the ventilation room is set up externally to guarantee the air permeability and heat dissipation performance of the exterior of the roof.


1. Easy to rust: although there is a layer of paint on the surface of steel structure houses that can serve as waterproof, they are easy to rust if they are not regularly maintained.

2. Poor fire resistance: steel will weaken at high temperatures and heat itself quickly, leading to high indoor temperatures and easy fires.

3. Can’t change the structure: once the steel structure residence is built, it can’t change the structure at will, because all the components are connected just right, and a lot of problems will occur if they are changed privately.


It should be noted that the specific advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on the specific project conditions and needs. In choosing the type of dwelling, various factors need to be considered, including the use of the building, the geographical environment, and the economic cost.