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Which type of connection is most widely used in steel structure?

In steel structure engineering, welding connection is the most widely used connection method. This is because welding connection has the advantages of simple structure, operation can be automated, good connection tightness, etc., and can adapt to various shapes and sizes of steel connection, especially in the parts that require high strength of the connection, such as members subjected to large moments, welding connection is the preferred choice.

However, it should be noted that the welding connection also has its shortcomings, such as a large heat-affected area, which easily leads to deformation around the welding point and the residual force of the welding may even affect the load-bearing capacity of the member. Therefore, when choosing the connection method, various factors need to be considered comprehensively, including structural form, loading conditions, construction conditions, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure.

In addition, high-strength bolt connection is also used more in steel structure engineering, especially suitable for connecting parts with a large force, such as large span roof and high-rise buildings. High-strength bolt connection has the advantages of high connection strength, good elasticity performance, simple installation process, etc. However, it also needs to pay attention to its connection performance when it is subjected to a large power load or needs to bear a bending moment.

In short, in the steel structure project, welding connection and high-strength bolt connection are the most widely used two connection methods, the specific choice needs to be based on the actual situation for comprehensive consideration.