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What are the forms of the space frame

 space frame structure

1.According to the composition of the space frame, it can be divided into a cross truss system composed of two-way or three-way plane trusses, a space pyramid system composed of a triangular pyramid or a quadrangular pyramid, and so on.

2.According to the structure, it is usually divided into two-layer or three-layer space frame;

3.According to the support situation, there are peripheral support, point support, peripheral support and point support mixed forms;

4.The double-layer space frame is a spatial structure composed of upper chord, lower chord and web rods, and is the most commonly used form of space frame.

5.The three-layer space frame is a space structure composed of upper chord, middle chord, bottom chord, upper web rod and lower web rod.

6.According to the number of chords, the space frame can be divided into two-tier space frame and three-tier space frame.

7.When the space frame span is large, the steel consumption of the three-layer space frame is less than that of the double-layer space frame. However, due to the increase in the number of nodes and rods, especially the connecting rods of the middle nodes, the structure is complicated and the cost is increased.