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What are the performance advantages of steel space frames?

In the construction of the space frame, the requirements of the space frame members must meet certain standards. Through the space frame processing procedures, the reliability of the space frame construction is improved. If the space frame members used in the process of the space frames are not up to the reasonable, the requirements for the space frame will affect the overall reliability of the space frame, and will also affect the credibility of the project. Therefore, the quality requirements for the processing and construction of the space frame are still relatively strict. 


The space frame steel structure is a modern green building. During construction, the space frame construction takes a short time and has a long life. It can save resources, improve the quality of the surrounding environment, and choose a better space for healthy families. The current steel structure has an overall light weight and the construction time is short. The advantages of good earthquake resistance and low foundation cost, realizing the factory-like building model, are not bound by time during the construction process, thus saving the cost of construction units and reducing the products of construction waste. Therefore, the space frame is carried out in the later stage. During construction and use, the users satisfaction with the product is very high. Therefore, the current steel structure space frame has been gradually promoted and recycled in modern applications, and has won unanimous praise from the application units.