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What is the application of space frame structure in coal bunker construction?

In recent years,space frame structure has been widely used in the construction of dry coal sheds, and space frame and reticulated shell are the common forms of space structure.

From the viewpoint of force performance, the space frame structure adopts roughly the same grid to form the rod system of space intersection. The load-bearing structure and support system are combined into one, thus effectively changing the force state of the steel plane truss. The steel pipes mainly bear the axial force, so that the material performance is more fully developed and the average steel consumption is reduced by more than 50% compared with the previous use of portal steel frame or arch structure. In addition, the manufacturing technique of the arch, the archtop hinge, and the ground hinge are more complicated to make and subject to the high cost of finishing. Considered together, the space frame structure form has a high level of technology and its economic benefits are very obvious.

There are various forms of reticulated shells, the common ones are cylindrical reticulated shells and spherical reticulated shells. The semi-cylindrical shell can make the height reaches half of the span, which fully meets the requirements of use. Three-centered cylindrical shells reduce the vector height and increase the space utilization compared with semi-cylindrical shells. Its cross-sectional form can be divided into two types: three-circle tangent and three-circle non-tangent, and different cross-sectional forms can be selected according to the requirements of the working interface of the bucket wheel under the condition of a certain span.