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What is a space frame?

What is a space frame? Simply put, steel (mostly steel pipes) is welded into two plane space frames, such as a plane space frame composed of many small squares. Then the two plane frames are welded with vertical steel pipes to form a three-dimensional structure frame. If the two small square space frame are aligned up and down, they can be welded into a cube, but the force is not good. Usually, the two space frame other small space frame are welded into a four-sided pyramid structure. Without pictures, It’s hard to explain. The space frame is used in large-span spaces. Many gas station sheds are space frame-structured, as are some high-speed toll stations.

space frame structure

Space frame: a spatial structure system composed of rods, nodes and supports. It is a special case of truss in steel structure. Generally there are square pyramids, triangular pyramids and other structural forms.

Steel structure space frame: A space structure formed by multiple rods connected by nodes in a certain space frame form. It has the advantages of space stress, light weight, high rigidity, good seismic performance, etc.; Steel structure space frame is widely used as the roof structure of stadiums, exhibition halls, clubs, theaters, conference rooms, waiting rooms, hangars, workshops, etc. . It has the characteristics of high degree of industrialization, light weight, good stability and beautiful appearance.