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The ways to reduce the cost of the construction of the space frame

First, we can pay attention to the size of the entire product. Although the space is fixed, we can reduce the size of the entire product by reducing the amount of coverage. Once the entire size is reduced, the price of our product will  definitely be lowered accordingly, which I believe everyone can understand.

Second, if the size of the space frame cannot be changed, then we can focus on its design. There are generally three different design schemes, and the material costs used are different, such as the triangular vertebral design. Compared with the quadrangular pyramid design, the material cost is much more.

Third, in addition to choosing a relatively simple design with less materials in the design, we can also save in the materials of the entire product, such as thinning the inner wall of the stainless steel pipe to make the material of the entire steel pipe. If it is reduced, a considerable amount of expenditure can be saved.

Of course, no matter what method of price reduction is, it is based on the premise of engineering safety.