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What is the principle of space frame construction?

For a large-span structure, the space of the open-web space frame layer can be used as a separate building layer. This open-web space frame is both a structural layer and a building layer. At the same time, the space frame layer has a large spanning capacity, which makes the new structural system have the architectural function of large and small spaces intersecting each other, which overcomes the previous large space standing at the bottom of the building, Or some building limitations on the top floor, especially suitable for large-span, high-rise buildings. 

The structural system’s space frame composition, static characteristics and seismic performance have been systematically studied for this new type of space frame space structure system. The composition of different space frame structures makes the structure have different stress characteristics. Based on the common skip-floor open-web space frame structure, this paper analyzes and studies the addition of diagonal webs around the space frame, and the unequal spacing of the space frame. The internal force distribution and deformation of different types of jump-storey hollow space frame structures such as space trusses under the action of vertical load and horizontal load are further analyzed. At the same time, the changes in the internal force and deformation of the structure when the floor participates in the work and prestress is applied.The conclusion of analysis and calculation provides a theoretical reference for the selection and design of the structure in engineering design.  

After studying the force characteristics of the structure under the vertical load in detail, based on the flexibility method of the cross beam system considering the shear deformation and the layering method of the multi-layer frame under the vertical load, the jump is proposed. The simplified analysis method of multi-story open-web space frame structure has greatly improved the simplified method proposed by some scholars in the past. This method has high calculation accuracy and is especially suitable for the preliminary design of the space frame.  

For skip-floor open-web space frame structures, the usual concept is that the structural system has poor collapse resistance under strong earthquakes. Through the analysis of the natural vibration characteristics of different types of skip-floor open-web space frame structures, the stiffness and support of the space frames are revealed. The effect of structural stiffness changes on the natural frequency and mode shape of the structure.