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What Kind of Space Frame is Qualified?

Many buildings will use space frame in the implementation process. For various problems of space frame, there are related quality supervision and inspection standards. Only space frame products that meet the standards can be used in the building. What kind of steel space frame structure is qualified?  

1.What needs to be tested is the materials.

Although the space frame belong to the steel structure, the steel can also be divided into many types. The use of different steels will affect the quality of the entire space frame. So, the space frame process is also the first choice for quality inspection. .  

2. What needs to be tested is the validity of design.

Space Frame structure plays a key role in space frame construction. If the design is defective, it will not take long to be found quality problems, and even seriously threaten the surrounding people. Therefore, the space frame processing design drawings also need to be reviewed and checked before they can enter the implementation stage.  

3. What needs to be supervised is installation.

To Supervise whether the installation sequence and techniques are in place, whether the site has been cleared, whether a safe environment has been achieved, etc. Through these on-site installation inspections and supervision, space frame processing can also be better seen Whether the space frame safety meets national standards.