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What needs to be paid attention to in space frame construction in bad weather

In the case of the construction of the space frame, people often encounter a lot of bad weather.

In this kind of natural environment, we can not stop the construction of the space frame because the natural environment is not ideal. Therefore, in many cases of continuous rain and cold temperature, we should pay attention to some problems. This article will tell you what you need to pay attention to when constructing a space frame in inclement weather.

space frame roof structure installation

How to carry out the construction of the space frame in bad weather:

  1. It is not allowed to carry out painting work on warm components in the rainy weather of the project.
  2. When the project is under construction on a rainy day, a temporary protective shed should be set up for the space frame project, and the precipitation should not fall on the hot welding. If the welding position is wet and cold, be sure to wash it with a damp cloth and dry it with an oxygen acetylene flame before welding. Keep the joints dry and without residual moisture.
  3. Because the gas is wet and cold on rainy days, the storage of welding wire should be waterproof and the baking should be carried out. The repeated baking frequency of the same welding wire is not suitable for more than 2 times, and the technician should immediately make the baking record.
  4. In the case of construction, such as high wind and temperature, column, load-bearing beam, support point and other large components should be carried out in the first place, and fixed operation should be carried out immediately after the part is properly aligned, so as to avoid one side imbalance.
  5. The components installed on the same day should produce a stable indoor space management system.  
  6. It is not allowed to carry out wall insulation construction on rainy days and strong winds above level 5.
  7. If there is water stored on the components during the lifting of the space frame construction in rainy days, it shall be cleaned up before installation, but the coating shall not be damaged. When the high-strength bolt connection head is installed, the friction surface of the components shall be cleaned up, and there shall be no water droplets, not to mention no rain and no touching soil, oil stains and other dirt.