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Why are trusses used in most stadium bleachers?

Most of the stadium stands are made of truss, mainly because truss has the following advantages:


1. High structural strength: The truss consists of a triangular grid formed by multiple straight lines and has a stable structure that can bear the weight of a large number of spectators while resisting wind and other natural forces.

2. Aesthetic design: trusses have a special shape that creates a stunning visual effect, adding an aesthetic and unique look to the stadium, and making it one of the iconic elements.

3. Maintaining Views: Trusses are often installed in front of or on top of the spectator stands to minimize disruption to the viewing experience.

4. Convenient construction: trusses are easy to design, fabricate and install, and adapt to a wide range of spans, so they are very widely used.

5. Economy: The steel consumption of trusses is more economical, and the cost is lower compared with other structural forms.

To summarize, most of the stadium grandstands choose trusses, mainly because truss has the advantages of high structural strength, aesthetic design, maintaining vision, convenient construction, and economy.