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Bulk Storage Solutions

Engineering characteristics

The features of the bulk material warehouse.

1.Long span,30m–120m,large space.

2.Long column width.12m-30m .

3.Good economical efficiency,highly cost effective,reduce the initial construction input as much as possible( the coal yard and the power plant control the total input within the whole using cycle).                 

4.The project location is relatively remote,local workers are required able to install,the installation should be as simple as possible.

5.Environmental protection,storage materials do not pollute the environment,anti-wind  performance and seismic performance are good,higher stiffness,higher requirements of structure safety.

Application area

1.Cement storage warehouse

2.Material storage warehouse

3.Port bulk storage warehouse

4.Limestone storage warehouse

5.Sand and gravel storage warehouse


The space frame structure forms of bulk storage are various,the shape of the main structure are mainly arch or spherical,the shape is related to use requirements,storage capacity,mechanization degree (bucket turbine,carrier etc.).

1.BJMB structure can easily realize large-span,column-free warehouse (according to structure type and usage requirements).

2.The existence of columns can reduce the cost,but if it affects the use function,it can be considered in balance.

3.In the design of BJMB structure,it can be carried out in a balanced way based on safety or economy,so as to achieve the optimal cost performance as far as possible.

4.All bolted installation,low skill requirements for workers.

5.The structure can meet the requirements of environmental protection,and at the same time has a certain ability to resist natural disasters (comprehensive consideration with the principle of limited economy or safety proposed by the customer). Due to environmental protection requirements and strict control of construction land,the scattered coal storage mode must be replaced by closed storage and loading mode,which meets energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years,the construction of BJMB structure storage warehouse has been booming worldwide.

Process description

1.Design process

First of all,we need to research the structural use,environmental requirements,storage items,natural conditions,etc.,and then communicate with the customer.It’s suggested to discuss with the customer on the economic,safety evaluation(general safety principles can not be violated).

The level of the installer,local soil quality,foundation and pile foundation conditions and so on should be evaluated at the design stage and then calculated comprehensively.Storage is very important,or the warehouse that people often work in, we recommend prioritizing the safety of the warehouse (equivalent to a power plant coal yard).If it is a repository such as a cement plant,general security consideration can be made.

2.Manufacturing process

All structural parts are manufactured in the factory.

3.Installation process

For general safety buildings,LF engineer can guider the installation,but for high safety requirements,or very large span project,it is recommended that LF skilled workers undertake the main structure of the installation.The installation of the main structure on site is all connected by bolts.

LF-BJMB owns the perfect process of design, manufacturing & construction.LF can build different appearances of space frame structure.
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