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Prefab Steel Structure Arch Roof Hall Construction

Steel Structure Hall Design arched roof building arch roof hall arched roof steel hall

1、 Project name: Changshou Zhongke Future City Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Exhibition Hall 
2、Construction scale: The arch roof hall building area is 34,403 m², of which the above-ground building area is 24,728 m², the underground building area is 9,676 m², the building height is about 44 meters, and the number of floors is 3F/-1F
3、Structural overview:

♦main structure: concrete structure,

♦roof: steel structure (welded ball space frame + single-layer reticulated shell)

This exhibition hall project is a mixed structure with large-span prestressed beams, inverted slanted columns, a super-long structural plane, and a steel structure space frame on the roof. The maximum span of a single span is 39 meters, and the construction cost is about 333.98 million yuan.

4、Function: It is a high-rise public building. Project format: a comprehensive exhibition building integrating scientific and technological achievements and product display, exhibition, conference, training, office, and service.
5、Technical characteristics:

In the early stage of BIM implementation of this steel structure hall project, the application points of BIM design were discussed, and the BIM application that matched the actual situation of the project was selected based on the major and difficult points of this project.

And developed a project-level BIM technology application standard system to ensure the effective collaboration and project management of the project.
The BIM application points of this project include: visual design, VR display, mobile terminal display, performance analysis, steel structure display, parametric design, 3D drawing, engineering quantity statistics


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