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Advantages of space frame structure workshop

  1.  General performance advantages of space frame structure workshopspace frame structure workshop

1) The installation is simple, the construction period is short, the layout is flexible and diverse, and the effective utilization area of the workshop is large.

2) The component section is small, the structure is light in weight, the impact of earthquake action is reduced, and the construction cost of the foundation is reduced at the same time, which has a high-cost performance.

3) The steel structure has light weight, high strength, good ductility, and has good adaptability and superiority to earthquake resistance. Especially in areas with high seismic fortification intensity, the steel structure system has obvious advantages in terms of seismic performance, which can greatly reduce the Ground treatment fee.

4) The manufacture of steel structural components can be carried out in the workshop, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of processing and can not be affected by natural conditions. The degree of mechanization of production and installation is high, which is suitable for civilized construction.

  1. The seismic performance advantage of the space frame structure

Since steel itself is a material with good ductility, as long as the structure is arranged reasonably and the seismic structure measures are appropriate, its seismic performance is far better than that of reinforced concrete structures, and it is easier to repair after earthquakes.