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How to do waterproofing of steel structure building of space frame engineering

Waterproofing of space frame-mounted steel structure construction projects is very important. How to do a good job of waterproofing is directly related to the service life of space-framed steel structures, so it is very important to do roof waterproofing. Nowadays, steel space frames are widely used in many buildings, because steel space frames have their particularities compared with traditional concrete buildings because different building materials are used in steel structure design and construction. Assembling and overlapping, in this way, the waterproof technology of steel structure building is mainly based on dredging, and supplemented by blocking. At present, the waterproof materials used in the steel structure building of the space frame engineering have not very satisfactory results and have a short life. Therefore, the selection of building types, drainage organization, and structural design have become the top priority of the waterproof design of steel structures. In actual projects, the waterproof performance of steel structure buildings can be guaranteed or improved from the following points:

1. Building type selection, try to use a single roof form to avoid gutters appearing in the building. Similarly, side gutters should also try to use outer gutters instead of inner gutters; the roof panel model should be selected reasonably according to the slope and length of the drain, If the slope is small and the slope is long, then the roof slab should be of a high wave height.

Water leakage in steel structure buildings is often not a design problem. It is often caused by the construction unit during the construction process. Therefore, the strict control of construction quality by the space frame company is also an important aspect of making steel structures waterproof.

2. Structural measures. First of all, you must be familiar with the various methods of waterproof construction measures for steel structures and use them flexibly in actual projects. You must use waterproof materials wherever they should be used.

3. Drainage organization and reasonable arrangement of drainage points. It should be noted that the intensity of precipitation in various regions is different. The design of drainage organization must have a sufficient theoretical basis instead of subjective feelings.