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Construction of steel structure of comprehensive gymnasium

comprehensive gymnasium

Guangzhou Comprehensive Stadium is composed of a comprehensive hall, gymnastics hall, history museum, and skywalk gallery, with a total construction area of about 52126m. The main body of the comprehensive stadium is a cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame structure, and the roof system adopts a space combination steel structure truss, the maximum span of the space combination truss is 99m. The total quantity of steel structure is more than 11,000 tons, and the steel material is Q345B.

This project volume is large, complex structure, a tight construction period, and high precision requirements.

The construction of steel structures mainly includes:

  1. The site installation volume is large, the component types are many, and the installation is difficult

(1) The gymnasium, comprehensive gymnasium, and history Museum have more than 10,000 tons of steel structure and more than 20,000 pieces of components.

(2). The structural nodes are complex and there are many types of components. There are tube truss, box truss, cast steel joint, hinge support, universal support, welding ball joint, H truss, steel cable, and so on.

(3). Universal bearing is inclined to decorate, the base plate using the prestressed anchor is fixed, universal bearing consists of three branch pipe and the ball bowl, middle high strength bolt and base plate wear heart hemisphere connection, it is one of the major bearing parts of the structure, the universal need to form a good “bite”, to meet the needs of the force, How to ensure the production accuracy of universal bearing and site installation accuracy is the key of this project.

  1. The installation period is tight

The total construction period is only 80 days. To meet the requirements of such a large and complex steel structure project, reasonable construction deployment and suitable installation sequence should be carried out.

  1. High accuracy requirements for on-site assembly

Due to the limitation of processing and transportation conditions, steel members cannot into a whole or sheet processing and transport, need to be segmented, block artifacts in processing because of a certain size deviation of material cutting, coupled with the pile, welding, and other reasons can make components have some deformation, all kinds of error accumulation will bring to on-site installation, Therefore, to ensure the joint quality of components, fast and accurate placement in the air and reduce the amount of welding work in the air, it is necessary to assemble components on-site.